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Platinum Engraved Engagement Ring Circa 1920

The Phoenix ring is a platinum engraved engagement ring from the Art Deco Era, circa 1920! The ring centers a GIA Certified 1.17 carat old European cut diamond of H color, VVS2 clarity. The diamond is set in a platinum setting with 4 prongs in the N-S-E-W orientation. A single diamond stud adorns the center diamond to each side within a beautifully hand-engraved band. The ring is size 5.25 and can be resized!

Why We Love It

That diamond is absolutely stunning, super white, and very clear! The old European cut gives the stone the prettiest of patterns with unique faceting! The setting is simple with perfect prongs and a gorgeous Art Deco band! And let’s talk about those engravings for a second, shall we? With a lovely pattern of flowers and leaves bordered by fine millegrain detail, these hand-engravings mark this ring as a distinct vintage treasure. While the organic design hints at an earlier Edwardian inspiration, the compact, modern setting is unmistakably Art Deco, making this ring one for the ages!

7 Reasons We Love Platinum!

If you’re looking for a white-colored metal in a vintage engagement ring, you’ve got three options: white gold, silver, and platinum. So what sets platinum apart? This metal was especially popular during the Art Deco Era, when jewelers were looking for the right balance between silken elegance and solid, sleek modernism. It looks great and feels even better. Here are 7 more reasons you’ll love a platinum engagement ring:

  • More durable than gold
  • More dense than gold, giving it a satisfying weight
  • A durable, secure setting for the diamond
  • Stays white & keeps your diamond looking white, too!
  • Low-maintenance and requires very little polishing
  • Hypoallergenic, perfect for those with other metal allergies

Because of its durability, platinum will look great for years to come, making it highly suitable for vintage jewelry. Over time, platinum also develops a patina, giving it a soft glow! As we can see in this gorgeous platinum engraved engagement ring, it stays white and showcases its engravings clearly, even after almost a hundred years!

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