5 Amazing Vintage Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

vintage yellow gold engagement ring

Yellow gold is definitely a bit more rare in Vintage engagement rings unless you go to the Victorian and earlier eras! But, when you do find a yellow gold ring, it is usually a gorgeous piece of art! Jewelers and designers from antique and vintage eras mastered the art of working with yellow gold. The unique texture of this beautiful metal allows jewelers to sculpt creative details for one of a kind looks! Here are five amazing vintage yellow gold engagement rings from the Victor Barboné Jewelry collection that we adore!

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Summer Proposal Ideas to Make it Memorable

summer proposal idea

Summer is right around the corner! Are you thinking about popping the question during this romantic season? It's a great time of year to do it! The summer season is full of long days, warm nights, friends’ weddings, and romantic getaways! We know that coming up with the perfect proposal idea can definitely be intimidating, so to help you get the creativity flowing, here are a few great summer proposal ideas that are sure to make her say yes!

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6 Unusual Antique Engagement Rings

unusual antique engagement ring

Your love is special and your romance is unique—so why shouldn’t your engagement ring be distinctive too? A beautiful but unusual antique engagement ring is a great way to show off your sense of style or to make a truly special statement. Here is a closer look at six of our one-of-a-kind antique engagement rings that are gloriously unusual!

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How to Clean a Vintage Engagement Ring at Home

Rings get dirty. That’s life. Maybe you were cooking or getting your hands dirty outside. Don’t worry. You can get it looking new again! Many people believe that vintage rings require professional care and handling, particularly when cleaning is required. But this isn’t the case. Here’s a simple guide on how to clean a vintage engagement ring at home. Here's what you need to know to keep your ring looking its best!

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19th Century Engagement Rings & Trends

19th century engagement rings

19th century engagement rings in today’s market are primarily from the Victorian Era of 1835 to 1900. This period coincided with the reign of the beloved Queen Victoria, who was a major trend setter of the time. Wedding rings and jewelry from the earlier part of the 19th century (the Georgian Era) are much rarer, as many have been deconstructed and incorporated into newer designs. Any Victorian or Georgian engagement ring is a real treasure, sure to be full of rich character and history! Here are some great pieces from our antique collection and some insight into 19th century wedding jewelry trends to help you find the perfect ring.

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