Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

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Already famous for her poise, elegance, and grace, Kate Middleton is a modern-day royal who has happily accepted her role as the British Royal Family’s new leading lady. Although she was born a “commoner,” she is now married to the future King of England and has three beautiful children who are also in line for the throne. Read on to learn more about Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, her romantic love story, and discover similar engagement rings from the Victor Barboné collection.

The Love Story

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Despite their status, the royal couple met the same way many couple do—in college. The couple both attended the University of St. Andrews and became acquaintances in 2001 when they lived in the same dorm. The two were friends for over a year before becoming romantically involved. They were first officially photographed together as a couple in 2004 on a ski vacation in Switzerland.

The Proposal

After dating for nearly six years, Prince William got down on one knee and popped the question during a trip to Kenya in 2010. According to him, the African country holds a special place in his heart and it made perfect sense for him to ask for his beloved’s hand while visiting the exotic location. He has also said that he didn’t plan the proposal too far in advance. Instead, he carried the ring around with him for three weeks and waited until the time felt just right.

The Engagement Ring

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Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is incredibly meaningful. Prince Charles originally gave the heirloom piece to the beloved Princess Diana in 1981. At the time, a royal wearing a sapphire engagement ring was a scandal, as sapphires are seen as “less precious” than diamonds. With that said, not long after her engagement, the sale of sapphire engagement rings skyrocketed worldwide.

The iconic engagement ring features a 12-carat oval-cut blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of fourteen solitaire diamonds. The setting is made of 18K white gold, although platinum needed to be added to the ring when it was re-sized to fit Kate’s hand. Prince William has said that the choice to propose with his mother’s ring was easy, as he saw it as a way to allow the late Princess to be present throughout the most important moments in his life.

The Royal Wedding

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On April 29th of 2011, the couple tied the knot in a highly publicized wedding at Westminster Abbey in London. The public patiently awaited the reveal of Kate’s wedding gown, and the style did not disappoint. The bride wore an elegant long-sleeved ballgown designed by the fashion house Alexander McQueen.

The Future Of The Family

After the wedding, the couple was officially appointed the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They now have three beautiful children—George, Charlotte, and Louis—who frequently make public appearances with their famous parents. All three are also in line for the throne.

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