1.01 Carat Old European Cut Diamond


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Yellow Gold Cigar Band Engagement Ring

The Selena ring is a yellow gold cigar band engagement ring from the Edwardian Era, circa 1905! This beautiful ring centers a 1.01 carat old European cut diamond of approximately M-N color, VS2 clarity. The diamond is bezel-set in a gorgeous 14 karat yellow gold setting. To each side is a bezel-set rose cut diamond. The setting has a cigar-band shape and features scrolling metal work and hand engravings. Subtle patina adds to the antique feel of the ring. The ring is size 7.25 and can be resized!

Why We Love It

We’re absolutely in love with the shape of this ring! Add to that an absolutely stunning, bright, and lively OEC and you have a one-of-a-kind, beautiful engagement ring! Between the yellow gold and the patina, you get warmth, character, and a setting that flatters every skin tone! Best of all, even with that ornate bezel setting, the diamond is still the star of the show!

Passion For Patina!

Patina refers to the subtle sheen or color that develops over a metal through a process of oxidation. Because it can take generations to develop, it is highly valued and sought out passionately! With some vintage rings patina can be obvious; other times—as we see in this ring—it’s more understated. Either way, it always carries a certain je ne sais quoi!

The word itself, patina, actually comes from Latin, often translated as “a shallow dish.” Historians believe that the discovery of the patina process occurred as copper dinnerware began to age, which is why the word we use today is more concerned with metal and less concerned with dishes!

Edwardian Era Engagement Ring Characteristics

It’s probably impossible to choose any single ring as the quintessential vintage style. However, this yellow gold cigar band ring comes pretty close. Its ornate style reflects the optimism of the Edwardian Era, as well as its fascination with flowing, organic designs. At the same time, it would fit well with earlier Victorian styles when yellow gold had just come back in style—or even earlier with its classic bezel setting!

The Selena ring has all the best qualities of a vintage Edwardian ring. Here’s why:

  • Yellow gold offers timeless value
  • The bezel setting predates the classic prong setting and provides greater security for the diamond
  • The old European cut diamond involves a vintage, hand-cut process that produces unique faceting!

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