Unique Marquise Engagement Ring Circa 1920

The Indigo Ring is a unique marquise engagement ring from the Art Deco Era circa 1920! This AMAZING ring centers a gorgeous GIA Certified marquise diamond weighing 3.02 carats of J color with VS1 clarity. The navette shaped diamond is held in a 6 prong platinum setting. To each side of the center stone are 6 single cut diamonds that are bead set among subtle open metal work and millegrain detail with leaf-like motifs in the gallery. The band has delicate fluting that continues all the way around the shank. The ring is size 6 and can be resized!

Why We Love It

Marquise cut diamonds are just so gorgeous and romantic with the elongated shape and the way that the light shimmers across it! The perfect faceting and dimensions on this beautiful stone are complimented by a simple, yet detailed setting! The side stones and additional embellishments make Indigo a truly unique marquise engagement ring!

Marquise Diamond Meaning & History

The marquise shaped diamond was introduced in the 17th century. King Louis XIV wanted to impress a woman he loved, so he ordered the royal jewelers to invent a new diamond cut. Opulent and glittery, marquise diamonds are said to mirror the shape and brilliance of her smile. This is what is known as a brilliant cut, with its angles and shape specifically designed to bring out as much sparkle as possible. Because of its characteristic showiness, these cuts are said to be emblems of status and wealth.

Whether you are concerned with your ring’s supposed meaning or not, one thing you may enjoy about marquise diamonds is that they offer the greatest size per weight ratio of all stone shapes! The length of the diamond and the angles are carefully crafted to bring out as much light as possible. This can make the stone appear much larger than say, a cushion cut diamond of the same weight. And this unique marquise engagement ring features a massive 3.02 carat diamond! Talk about BIG!

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Unique Art Deco Style

While the center stone is simply breathtaking, we absolutely love all of the extra accents that make this engagement ring one-of-a-kind. Art Deco style is on full display here. The clean lines and geometric cuts of the side stones and fluting add even more visual weight to the already large marquise diamond!

The platinum setting and band also show heavy Art Deco influence. Inspired by the industrial advancements and the progressive philosophies of the era, jewelers began to move away from traditional gold rings in pursuit of new designs. The platinum features in this ring can be said to signify a forward-looking mindset. It can be a great way to say that you’re looking forward to your time together as a married couple. It can also be a way to express your love for your partner’s open mind and enthusiasm for things to come!

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