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Brown Fancy Color Diamond Engagement Ring

The Sheila ring is a vintage fancy color diamond engagement ring from the Art Deco Era, circa 1935! This beautiful piece centers an East-West set GIA Certified 1.36 carat emerald cut diamond of Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown color, SI2 clarity. The diamond is set in an 18kt yellow gold 4 prong setting and is accented to each side by an old European cut diamond, each weighing approximately 0.41 carats. The ring is size 4.75 and can be resized!

Why We Love It

Super chic and sleek! This ring is so beautiful and unique with the contrasting colors between the three stones! The yellow gold band offers a great contrast for the side diamonds, accenting those lovely white old Euro cuts with stylish claw prongs. The gold setting also pairs well with the central stone, bringing out hints of amber and yellowish hues. That central fancy stone makes such a statement with that bold emerald cut, but the ring itself sits low and pairs well with any band!

Fun Facts About Brown Fancy Diamonds!

Brown diamonds have a very interesting history in the context of vintage and retro jewelry. Through the years, they have been called by many names, including caramel, coffee, cinnamon, and more. You may have also heard brown diamonds by their more popular names as well: cognac or Champagne. Brown diamonds are the first known colored diamonds to be used in jewelry, dating back to the 2nd century—and the largest diamond in the world is a yellow-brown diamond named the Golden Jubilee, which weighs 545.67 carats!

While some brown diamonds are created synthetically, often by applying heat, the term “fancy colored diamonds” refer to those that occur naturally. While brown diamonds are among the more common in the color spectrum, they offer wonderful versatility. The same stone can give off a complex spectrum of dark, rich shades and lighter, almost pink hues, hitting yellow, gold, orange, and amber in between!

Vintage fancy color diamond engagement rings like Sheila are lovely and unique, a perfect way to stand out!

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