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Art Deco Emerald Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring

The Shiloh is a vintage Birk's emerald cut aquamarine engagement ring from the Art Deco Era, circa 1920! This gorgeous ring centers a 5.65 carat emerald cut Aquamarine. The stone is set in a 4-prong platinum setting with a sleek baguette diamonds to each side followed by a round cut diamond. The ring is size 4.75 and can be resized!

Why We Love It

This dazzling ring is so captivating with the 5.65 carat emerald cut aquamarine. The pale blue hue pairs perfectly with the bright platinum and super white diamonds, and the emerald cut gives the stone the perfect clarity. Über elegant with its clean lines and subtle sparkle, ring is an absolute Art Deco treasure, forever in style!

Give The Gift Of Birks

What started as a modest jewelry store in 1879 has grown into an iconic international brand. Based in Canada, Henry Birks would build his company with the help of his three sons, expanding operations across the country and eventually into the U.S.

Among its many prestigious accolades, Birks is remarkable for its commitment to the smallest details, down to its iconic blue jewelry boxes bearing its famous lion crest. Other vintage box designs include the heart-shaped box, introduced in 1900, and the bell-shaped box, introduced in the 1930s. A gift from Birks is always a gift well received!

All About Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a fascinating stone, popular throughout history and mined across the world—especially in Columbia, Brazil, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Here are some other fun facts you may not know:

  • Its name comes from the Latin for “sea water”
  • Associated with the astrological sign Pisces
  • Birthstone for March
  • Gemstone for 19th wedding anniversary
  • Believed to calm nerves, heal, and promote meditation
  • Durable and easy to clean!

Need another reason to choose this beautiful stone? Aquamarine is versatile and interesting—totally unique! Whether you’re shopping for a fun cocktail ring to make a bold statement, celebrating your anniversary, or popping the big question, a vintage piece like this emerald cut aquamarine engagement ring is a must-have!

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