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Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

The Emerson Ring is a yellow gold diamond cluster engagement ring from the Victorian Era, circa 1890! This cluster style ring centers a 1.27 carat old European cut diamond of approximately M-N Faint Brown color, SI1 clarity. The diamond is set in an 18-karat yellow gold setting. Intricate metal work surrounds the diamond followed by a halo of 16 old mine cut cushion diamonds in the most gorgeous shape! An additional three diamonds decorate the shoulder. The ring is size 5.75 and can be resized!

Why We Love It

This cluster ring is so unique! Its design and shape recall a mirror, a crown, or a golden honeycomb. From the striking, beautiful hue of the center diamond, to the intricate gold setting and the shape of the halo diamonds (definitely not a common find!), the Emerson ring displays some of the finest Victorian Era craftsmanship. Look closely at the metalwork connecting the central setting to the cluster, and you’ll see how the gold resembles the labellum of an orchid, or a pearl within a shell. This design is repeated and amplified with each of the cluster diamonds! Even with this grand design, the ring itself is super low profile, making it comfortable for everyday wear! See a video of this ring here!

Trends In Victorian Jewelry

The Victorian Era was long and winding, just like much of its jewelry. Lasting twice as long as the Romantic period, the Victorian Era spanned the years between 1837-1901. During this time, a number of trends emerged:

  • A renewed interest in Renaissance and Middle Age motifs and symbolism
  • Serpent designs, representing eternity and wisdom
  • Acronym jewelry, where the first letter of each stone spelled a message
  • New, exotic designs inspired by Britain’s presence in India and Africa
  • Brooches and pendants, especially popular for bereavement jewelry

The Emerson ring represents this progression and reveals the upcoming optimism of the Edwardian era. This yellow gold diamond cluster engagement ring is a masterpiece of Victorian craftsmanship!

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