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Justin Bieber is one of the world’s most famous popstars. His catchy music and boyish good looks won him the hearts of girls around the world. While infamous antics gained him plenty of notoriety later on in his career, nothing was more surprising to the public than when he announced his engagement to the beautiful Hailey Baldwin. Read on to learn more about Hailey Baldwin’s engagement ring, their whirlwind romance, and their upcoming wedding. Plus discover similar engagement rings from the Victor Barboné collection!

About Hailey

Model and actress Hailey Baldwin comes from a very famous Hollywood family. The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, she began her modeling career in 2014. In just a few short years, she has been featured in the pages of Vogue, graced the cover of Marie Claire, and has been featured in the ad campaigns of high-end designer clothing brands. She is now highly sought after and has walked the runway alongside some of the fashion industry’s most elite models!

The Romance

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With her striking good looks, it makes sense that Hailey captured the eye of one of world’s most famous superstars. Although they were initially introduced to each other in 2009, they didn’t become romantically involved until the end of 2015 when they were spotted on a date together in New York City. Like many young superstars in the spotlight, much of their relationship was captured and shared on through social media.

Not long after taking a tropical vacation together in 2016, however, the couple’s relationship went on a temporary hiatus. It wasn’t until early in 2018 that they were again spotted together romantically and appeared to rekindle their romance.

The Engagement

It came as a shock to the entire world when, on July 7th, 2018, Bieber announced on Instagram that the couple was engaged. According to reports, the famous couple got engaged during a getaway to the Bahamas. Onlookers report that Bieber got down on one knee at a restaurant and proposed to his beloved in front of all the other patrons.   

The Ring

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While the couple kept the engagement ring under wraps for a while, it wasn’t long before Hailey was flashing her brand-new bling all over Instagram. Her ring features a large oval-shaped diamond that sits upon delicate gold pave bands. While the exact specs haven’t been shared with the public, some reports say that Bieber spent nearly 2-million dollars on the diamond ring.

The Wedding

After their spur-of-the-moment engagement, many were skeptical that an actual marriage would really happen. In September of 2018, however, the couple proved everyone wrong when they went to the New York courthouse and were married after a quick, low-key ceremony. While the couple reportedly still wants to have a big wedding, they wanted to get officially married to prove that—despite the negative press—their love is the real thing.

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