Stackable Engagement Rings

Combining rings is easy when you start with one of our stackable styles. Simple and elegant in design, these stackable engagement rings can be easily paired with a wedding band to create a perfect look. Victor Barboné offers an exquisite selection of vintage engagement rings featuring plenty of options that are great for building a stacked style.

Commemorate Every Milestone

Engagement rings aren’t meant to be worn alone. Even if she only plans on pairing hers with a wedding band after you say, “I Do,” stackable styles make it easy for rings to be worn with one another. These pieces typically include a slim, detailed band and a scintillating center stone. This stone can be virtually any shape, cut, or size. Stackable engagement rings usually feature a slender setting that is exceptionally versatile, making it easy to add and wear with a complementary wedding band.

Creating a luxurious, layered look also means you can continue to add rings that celebrate the special occasions you experience together. An additional diamond band is perfect for commemorating a milestone anniversary. Or, add a band with colorful gemstones to celebrate the birth of a child. No matter the event, stackable rings are a great way to symbolize your growing love story.

Create the Perfect Combination

Start with a stackable style from the Victor Barboné collection. Then add a gorgeous wedding band or other styles! Stackable rings offer a unique way to create a customized look that perfectly aligns with your fiancé’s preferences. Shop today!