Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings that include colored gemstones are unusual, uncommon, and simply unforgettable. While there are plenty of captivating colors and types of stones to choose from, a pink diamond is perhaps the most exemplary. If you want to present her with a ring that she’ll always be excited to show off, simply select a pink diamond engagement ring from the exquisite Victor Barboné collection. 

A Captivating Color

Pink diamond engagement rings are delightfully unique. While they are sometimes spotted on celebrities, it is rare to behold a luminous pink diamond in real life. These rosy, attention-grabbing gemstones feature a beautiful blush hue that is simultaneously sophisticated, feminine, and whimsical.

An engagement ring that features a colored diamond provides your beloved with the best of both worlds. Because the stone is still a diamond, it maintains the time-honored tradition of presenting a diamond engagement ring. With that said, the pretty pink color also takes the look to a stylish, contemporary new level. If your beloved is classic and traditional but still likes to stand out, a pink diamond engagement ring will suit her personal style to perfection.

Exquisite & Unforgettable

Their captivating pink color looks exquisite no matter the cut of the diamond or the style of the setting. Gorgeous and glamorous in design, choosing a pink engagement ring from the Victor Barboné collection is an easy way to set her apart in the best way possible. Shop today!