One Carat Engagement Rings

For an enduring piece of jewelry with notable refinement, elegance, and beauty, you can never go wrong with a classic one carat diamond engagement ring. The perfect size to satisfy any woman, this is a popular diamond size that is sure to make a subtle and stylish statement. The Victor Barboné collection features a number of unique and tasteful designs, so you can easily find the perfect engagement ring.

Everyday Elegance

One carat diamond engagement rings are the ideal combination of opulence and practicality. While there are certainly larger diamonds available, one carat stones are suitable for everyday wear while still maintaining a decidedly eye-catching appearance. These diamonds are well-showcased on fingers of any size and are just large enough to garner plenty of attention from onlookers!

Experts would argue that a one-carat stone with nearly perfect clarity and color is far more desirable than a larger diamond with less impressive specs. The prevalence of styles featuring one-carat center stones also affords you a wider variety of options. This means you’ll be able to select a setting, cut, and style that perfectly aligns with your beloved’s individual preferences.

Simply Timeless

There is something timeless about a one carat ring. Their restrained sense of luxury makes them incredibly desirable to women who want an impressive piece of jewelry without feeling like it defines her. There are many 1 carat rings within the Victor Barboné collection that will capture your imagination and take her breath away. Shop today!