3+ Carat Engagement Rings

If you are searching for an engagement ring that will continually take her breath away, a style with a statement-making center stone is a must-have. If nothing but a large diamond will do, you’re in the right place. Shop the selection of incredible 3+ carat engagement rings in the Victor Barboné collection today! 

Decadent Diamonds, Opulent Designs

Rings with center stones that are 3-carats or more are impossible not to notice. These larger-than-life diamonds are lavish, lovely, and incredibly luxurious. The magnificence and opulence of these rings will inspire compliments from everyone who crosses your path. Unbelievably decadent in design, it’s impossible not to be impressed by a diamond ring featuring a gemstone that is 3-carats or larger!

Your beloved will always be excited to show off her ring when it includes a dazzling diamond. No matter if you pick a stunning three-stone style, a sizable solitaire, or a center stone surrounded by a fabulous filigree, there is sure to be a jaw-dropping style in our collection that will capture your imagination and continually leave her in awe.

Unmatched Elegance

In a world filled with rings that feature synthetic stones and demure designs, an engagement ring with an authentic diamond that weighs over 3-carats lets everyone know you’ve made it. These vintage styles have an unmatched elegance that cannot be found in conservative, contemporary designs. A 3+ carat engagement ring from the Victor Barboné collection is the pinnacle of luxury. Shop today!