How to Clean a Vintage Engagement Ring at Home

Rings get dirty. That’s life. Maybe you were cooking or getting your hands dirty outside. Not to worry! You can get it looking fresh and sparkly again! Many people believe that vintage rings require professional care and handling, particularly when cleaning is required, but this isn’t the case! Here’s a simple guide on how to clean a vintage engagement ring at home. Here's what you need to know to keep your ring looking its best!

Inspect Before Cleaning

Before cleaning your engagement rings, be sure to check for any issues. If you think you may have damaged your ring, this step is crucial. Do not attempt to clean your ring if it is visibly damaged—e.g. a loose stone, broken metal, or setting irregularity. Professional repairs may need to be completed prior to cleaning.

Lightly Dust the Ring

Begin cleaning your engagement ring with a very light dusting. Use a clean (preferably never used), very soft makeup brush. With light, gentle stokes, work to remove dust and light debris. You may want to use a magnifying glass or loupe to get a closer look.

Apply Jewelry Cleanser

Dab a soft cleaning cloth with jewelry cleanser. Before using any cleanser, be sure to check its suitability carefully. There are many on the market, and not all will be suited for your particular metal or stone. Some websites recommend Windex in small amounts, however Windex or ammonia products should never be used with rings that include amber, ivory, lapis, coral, emerald, malachite, or turquoise. Water with a couple drops of dish soap can be used but may leave a residue once dry. Regardless of the product, you don't want the cloth soaking wet. Just make sure it’s slightly damp, enough to get the job done. For entry into tight settings, a Q-Tip moistened with cleanser will work wonders!

Wipe Down the Ring

Wipe your vintage engagement ring very gently along exposed surfaces. Take care not to grip your ring too firmly or to rub too vigorously. Soaking is not recommended, unless you are using a suitable jewelry cleanser and know exactly which materials are used in your ring.

Dry Thoroughly

Be sure to completely dry your ring after cleaning! Moisture can be one of the biggest enemies to your engagement ring. A great tips is to use a hair dryer on a gentle, no-heat setting—or you can simply set your ring out to air dry. When drying, hold or place your ring upside down, so moisture flows away from the setting.

Polish Your Ring

The final step to cleaning a vintage engagement ring at home is to apply polish! Gently polish the ring with a special polishing cloth. A brief treatment can restore the look of your ring to brand new while keeping it protected from future wear.

Bonus tip! Proper storage is important for those times when you are not wearing your ring. A proper jewelry box, with soft lining, will help prevent wear and accumulation of dust and dirt.

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