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4 Reasons Gem Hunt Blogger Catherine Cason LOVES Estate Jewelry

4 Reasons Gem Hunt Blogger Catherine Cason LOVES Estate Jewelry

Victor Barbone Jewelry is decidedly obsessed with Estate Jewelry but we have asked Catherine Cason of Gem Hunt (who definitely knows about jewels) what makes her love these timeless pieces so much! Be sure to find her on Instagram @gem_hunt!

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1. Friendlier environment

 I got hooked on estate jewelry because there was a little estate jewelry shop in my neighborhood. I would go in to look at their jewelry and the woman was always so nice to me, allowing me to play and see whatever pieces my heart desired without a strong sales pitch. I probably went in that store and looked at rings eight times before I made my first purchase. But it was that environment that made me feel comfortable enough to finally make the splurge. I don’t think there is anything wrong with shopping at the big guys but my experience is the home-grown shop is often a more pleasant and personal way to buy jewelry.

2. Jewels with a story

I love fantasizing about my estate jewelry. The lives that it lived before me and the energy it carries into my life now. For example, I have a small .2 carat old european cut diamond and I don’t know what it is about this little diamond but I never saw a diamond more proud and sparkly. I firmly believe this little diamond brings me good luck wherever I go and that it’s owner passed on it good karma to me. It is truly tiny but mighty.

3. Unique pieces

There is nothing wrong with stacking bands (I have many) but I love shopping at estate jewelry stores because you often find unique pieces that no one else will have or have seen before. Jewelry from a different era was just made differently, with an amazing attention detail. I love looking at pieces and seeing all unique handiwork that went into them to make something truly very special.

4. Personal taste

Some of my favorites types of jewelry are Art Deco designs and old european cut diamonds. My old european cut obsession at this point knows no bounds because of they way the light sparkles off this cut is so unique — it just gets me every time. I adore Art Deco period jewelry for the clean lines and geometric patterns that you just don’t see today — it’s a feminine version of minimalism in jewelry design that always feels fresh. 

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